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How To Catch A Cougar: 5 Tips You Need To Know

It’s always intriguing and exciting to date an older woman. Cougars are usually intelligent, classic, experienced, and come with less drama. They know how to treat a man right and are quite good in bed. Besides, she will teach you a lot in life, help you attain your financial goals, and be there for you anytime you need assistance. If you’re used to dramatic and unpredictable young girls, cougar dating will give you a refreshing dating experience.

However, cougars are different from young girls in many ways. Thus, you must get your strategy right and ensure you have prepared to engage her. Start by understanding what these ladies want before you start hunting. Being a young guy, you need to research online to get tips on winning a cougar. Luckily, you have come across this exciting article. So, keep reading!

Cougar Dating: 5 Top Ways To Win Her

Our dating experts have compiled some of the best and proven tips that will help you win your target cougar.

1.   Know What To Say

The biggest challenge young men face when approaching cougars is figuring out what to say. Communication is key when dealing with older women. Some pickup lines that excite young ladies will not work in courting older women. Remember, she is older than you, so she has heard those cheap lines from multiple men. So try to be different.

Most of the time, the conversation will depend on where you meet the cougar. If you meet her in a club having fun, focus on knowing her, offer her a drink, dance with her, and then exchange numbers. Then later, you can pick up the conversation from there. Show her you are a good guy, friendly, and also let her know a few things about you. Take your time getting to the point. These mature women don’t like to be rushed but don’t take too much time.

If you get matched in a cougar dating app such as Courgaly, get to know each other first, then plan for a date. From there, you can take the conversation to the next level. Your maturity level is key in dating cougars, don’t rush to sex conversations immediately. She will snub you.

2.   Look In The Right Places

It is hard to know which older woman is interested in dating young men by just meeting them in a restaurant, club, or even on vacation. However, it’s your job to research and know where to find these cougars. Luckily, we have some cougar dating sites, such as Cougarly. You can’t go wrong with this highly-rated app. Most of the older women you find here are looking forward to dating a young man. Connect and chat with any lady you are attracted to and see how it goes.

Moreover, find out where these cougars like hanging out, such as in high-end clubs, music events, yoga classes, or gyms. Here you can be sure 90% of older ladies you meet are open to dating younger men like you.


3.   Learn How To Dress Properly

If you’ve been killing young ladies with your youthful dress code and perfume, you need to change it to win a cougar. Older women love classic and decent-looking young men. Find some cash to buy a premium perfume. If you’re unsure, ask one of your older women friends or colleagues to guide you in choosing a classic perfume. Besides, ensure your haircut is also mature and attractive. Avoid funny haircuts. That’s a sign of immaturity. Cougars also love clean and neat young men. Never meet her when you’ve not showered or while putting on dirty clothes. Always remember you’re dealing with a classy woman.

4.   Treat Her With Respect

All women love to be respected and treated well. However, cougars are always keen on the respect you accord them in everything you do, from talking to her physically, on-call, or even when sending her messages. Don’t be vulgar or too casual in your conversations. Even when you set a date, turning up on time shows respect. This is a busy woman, don’t make her wait for you for hours. She will lose interest in you.

In addition, always pay attention to what she says, follow her instructions, open the car door for her and be ready to help her with a few things she may request you to do. Don’t try to spin every conversation to be about sex. Man up and win her!

5.   Try To Be Mature

Even if you’re younger than her, try to be mature. Cougars already have kids at home, so she has no time to raise a grown-up man. She is looking for a man to compliment and have a serious conversation with in case of anything. You should be ready to take up a man’s space in her life. If she shares some of her previous experiences in a relationship or marriage, respond wisely, always support her side of the story and offer better solutions to help overcome her past. Sometimes she’s just testing your maturing levels.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Mention Anything To Do With Age

Cougars date younger men because they want to feel young again. Thus, avoiding any conversation about age will be a big plus. Some cougars are cunning; if she brings up the conversation about her age, be wise. Just say you find older women attractive, sexy, lovely, and seasoned.

Bottom Line

Cougar dating is an experience every man needs to have at some point. These women don’t judge you based on what you have but on your personality. However, winning their hearts can be complicated, especially if you don’t understand what they’re looking for in young men. The above tips have been proven to be lethal in helping young men catch cougars. Don’t hesitate to use them next time you meet a cougar in the gym, restaurant, club, or even on the Courgarly dating App.