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10 Cougar Dating Myths That Just Aren’t True

Cougar dating has gained momentum in recent decades but is staffed by many myths that may scare you. Traditionally, men used to date younger ladies, a societal norm partly contributing to the stereotyping of cougar dating. Many single older women are comfortable dating younger men in the modern world. Moreover, some young men are also attracted to cougars. Unlike young ladies who are naive and don’t understand what they need, older women are mature, financially stable, have promising careers, and genuinely looking for love. Cougars will also not subject you to relationship dramas.

However, stereotyping makes it hard for some cougar relationships to thrive. These misconceptions are hurtful and disparaging, especially to cougar daters. This article seeks to debunk the myths associated with cougar dating.

What Are These Myths About Cougar Dating?

If you have been keen on relationship matters, you may have encountered some misconceptions about dating older women. Unfortunately, the fallacies are mostly passed on from one generation to another through word of mouth. Here are some of the most popular cougar dating myths:

1.    Cougars Are Predators

Older women or cougars are mainly presented as sexual predators interested in preying on unsuspecting young men. These women are accused of being wild beasts with no human emotions and driven by their desire for sex. Unfortunately, this bad idea is propagated by the media and has corrupted the minds of young men attracted to older women.

The truth is that cougars are mature women who have learned from their mistakes, put their life together, and are now looking for a romantic relationship. Moreover, dating is a matter of personal preference. Some young men naturally love older women, and they do approach them.

2.   The Relationship Is Not Viable

Another concern about cougar dating is that the relationship will only last. Either the young man will cheat with his agemates, or the woman will still have another relationship with an older man. However, there are no facts to back this myth. Most cougar relationships last longer, are lively, and the couples are happily together.

Cougars are quite experienced in dating and understand how to spice up a relationship. No dull moments when dating an older woman. You will not even think of looking for a younger lady. If she cheats, it’s because of other dating issues and not necessarily because of your age.


3.   Families Do Not Accept These Relationships

Typically, it is assumed the family of the young man and the older woman will not accept the relationship. However, the truth is families have no problem with whoever you fall in love with. Relationships are a matter of choice; if both of you are in love, your family and that of your cougar will let you be.

In the end, love conquers!


4.   Kids Will Kill The Relationship

There is also a fallacy that cougar kids will one day turn against you or determine your marriage’s direction. However, the truth remains that kids will always be on the mother’s side. If you’re introduced as the new father, the kids will embrace it and accord you the respect you deserve.

On the other hand, the kids will grow, get a life and leave both of you to enjoy life together. Thus, nothing to worry about when dating an older woman; treat the kids well, and you’re good to go.

5.   Young Men Always Find Agemates Sexy

This is another common myth in cougar dating. However, the opposite is true. Young men find older women sexier, fun, adventurous, and more experienced in bed. Cougar’s energy and expertise in bed are always alluring to young men. It’s argued that cougars are beasts in bed, and that’s why young men can’t stop loving them.

6.   A Cougar Will Age And Become Unattractive

Age is always at the center of the cougar dating fallacies. When courting an older woman, you will be told she will age, and her beauty will fade away. Most cougars know how to take care of their bodies. You will find a 60-year-old woman looking very sexy and young. She exercises, eats healthy, performs skin care treatment routines, and is financially stable.

In addition, when a young man decides to date an older woman, it’s because of her personality and not necessarily her physical appearance. But most cougars are sexy!

7.   Young Man Cannot Satisfy Cougar Needs.

The argument that young men are unable to satisfy older women is inaccurate. Cougars mostly have their life put together; they have a good income and investments, and they don’t need any financial assistance from a young man. All they’re looking for is love and someone understanding. Therefore, they don’t burden young men with any demands. Your love, commitment, and energy in bed are needed, which most young men are good at providing.

Cougars have a good reputation for helping young men get opportunities and build their financial lives.

8.   The Relationship Is About Fetish

Another misleading stereotype is that cougar dating is all about sex, bringing together a horny older woman and young man. Cougar dating is like any other relationship where two people come together to build a future and complement each other. There are also cougar relationships that have ended up in successful marriages.

9.   Cougar Dating Denies The Young Men Opportunity To Get Kids

Most cougars are done with getting new babies, and their age can’t even allow them to get pregnant. But not every young man is getting into a relationship to get kids. Procreation it’s a matter of choice. Furthermore, most young men have no problem dating older women. It’s just the society that is yet to accept the love dynamics.


10.   Cougars Are Toxic

Lastly, there is the myth that cougars are toxic women who are bitter because their marriages failed. People make mistakes, and their previous decisions should not judge them. Older women are wiser and have learned from their experiences. However, they are not bitter as society perceives them. Cougars are good women who have made it in life; like any other person, they need to be loved.


Every romantic relationship has its share of benefits and complications that you must be ready to handle. What matters, in the end, is whether both of you are genuinely in love and if the good side outweighs the downside. If someone truly understands and loves you, the relationship will succeed. No family will hate you, kids will not be an issue, and you know cougars are not predators; these are just myths.

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