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Dating a cougar? Here are the 10 things you should know

If you have fallen for an older woman, don’t be afraid. Just approach her. Cougar dating is cool and fun. These older women are experienced in relationships, and they know how to take care of a man. From the kitchen to bed, you will love the experience. Moreover, cougars take care of themselves and are healthy, flexible, and beautiful.

However, dating these older women can be hectic, especially if you’re used to young ladies. It will help if you learn more about cougar dating and how to handle these older women. Luckily, you are here. This article will guide you on what to expect when dating a cougar.

So, What Should Young Men Know About Cougars?

Before you approach an older lady for a relationship, here are 10 things you be aware of;

1.   Cougars Know What They Want

Unlike young ladies who tend to behave funny and are unsure about what they want in a relationship, older women are the opposite. They have gone through a lot in life and know exactly what they want. If she chooses to date you, no games. She is serious about it. Moreover, she will also tell you directly what she expects from you. Cougars don’t shy away from serious conversations.

2.   They Don’t Like Drama

Most cougars probably were married at some point, and it never worked. She has dated various men, so she has seen it all regarding relationships or marriage. Thus, she understands her role in a relationship. However, these older women value peace of mind. If you subject her to unnecessary dramas or misunderstandings, she will immediately dump you and go back to singlehood. Don’t dramatize any issues; have a decent conversation with her in case of any problems.

3.   She’s A Busy Woman, She Needs Space To Work

Cougars, by their definition, are career or financially stable women ready to date young men. Maybe the woman you’re eyeing is a Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), or holds a big office in a government or private organization. She could be running businesses, amongst other commitments. Therefore, she doesn’t expect to fall in love with a man who is always on her neck, texting or calling. Just say hello in the morning and wish her a productive day. You can contact her later in the evening to find out how she’s doing. Don’t text or call her every time. She needs space to take care of her businesses.

4.   She Doesn’t Need Your Money

When an older woman is open to dating you despite the age gap, she already knows you are not at her level financially. Thus, don’t try to prove that you have some money. Just be yourself, and avoid even starting a conversation about money. Being honest will help you in many ways. She can easily hook you up with a good job.

However, let her know your life goals and what you do to achieve them. Cougars don’t like lazy men who are just after love and sex!

5.   Cougars Are Extremely Good In Sex

If you have never dated a cougar before, get prepared. These women are beasts in bed. They’re experienced and know how to spice up things in bed. She will take you to levels you have never experienced with your previous girlfriends. Besides, don’t be afraid to try out all sex positions you have ever thought of; that’s what she expects from you. Remember, most older ladies work out and are flexible and energetic.

A tip, ensure you eat healthily and work out too. Her energy and expertise in bed will surprise you!

6.   She Doesn’t Like Casual Dating

Cougars are mostly perceived as loose women who sleep with random men to satisfy their sexual urges. But that’s not the case. These are respectable women who are serious in everything they pursue in life. If you think you’re just going to smash her and move to the next lady, you’re getting it wrong. Older women are looking for more than just sex. If she gets into a relationship with you, know she’s serious about it.

7.   She’s Keen On Your Actions Not Words

The fact is, an older woman is always smarter than you on many fronts. Her experience in previous relationships has taught her a lot. You will even realize she observes more than she talks. Thus, don’t think you will confuse an older woman with your sweet words. She is beyond that; she can quickly tell if you mean what you say.

8.   She’s Fun To Be Around

A Cougar will offer everything you expect from a woman. She is beautiful, healthy, supportive, and talkative if she feels comfortable with you. No dull moments when dating an older lady. You can go clubbing together, swimming and on vacation. Unlike young ladies who always spoil the moment with petty arguments, older women are mature, and you will always love the company.

9.   Cougars Can Easily Dump You If You’re Not Serious

As much as older women are understanding and committed to ensuring the relationship works, they can easily dump you. Yes, she will love you, but if you’re not serious, that union will not last. However, cougars are patient enough and will try their best to make the relationship work. Your role in that relationship will also determine if it works or not. One thing about cougars, they hate jokers.

10.   No Outrageous Demands

Older women are very lenient, unlike young ladies who pressure you to meet their standards. Cougars will not force you to meet their level because they know at your age, you can’t. She will actually be a team player helping you attain your goals. Moreover, these women are financially stable and have a good income. So, they will not pressure you to buy them goodies or take them for dinner in a posh restaurant. Cougars can afford all that; whatever you offer, she will appreciate your effort.

Bottom Line

If you have decided to date an older woman, always think emotionally and practically. You’re not dealing with the young girls you’re used to. Older women are respectable people who take relationships seriously. She will be committed to ensuring it works out and that you both achieve the set goals. Note down the cougar dating points above, and you will have an easier time with your woman.

However, if you’re still searching for an older woman to date, don’t worry. Download the Cougarly App now, sign up and start browsing cougar profiles. This cougar dating app has an automated matching feature that will connect you to millions of older women looking for young men like you.