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Magical Cougar Dating Tips For Men (Proven)

If you are into cougars, you better learn how to win them and keep the relationship as long as possible. Dating these older women for a long time builds trust, and it’s beneficial in different ways. Cougars have already made it in life, have good jobs, a network of successful people, and life experience. The more you stick with her, the more she will be willing to help you attain your goals. She will introduce you to her circle opening more opportunities for you.

Young men who have dated cougars end up getting great economic opportunities. Remember, you are not getting into a relationship for sex only. You have life goals to achieve. An older woman is a good team player and will help you out if she loves and trusts you. However, you must up your game to enjoy all these cougar dating benefits. From winning her to making the relationship work.

So, What Can I Do To Succeed In Cougar Dating?

For any relationship to work, you must put in some effort. Cougars are good at ensuring they keep the man they love. You should also be committed to keeping her. She needs to see your seriousness. Here are some of the proven tips that have helped men succeed in cougar dating.

1.   Embrace The Age Gap

The age between you and the cougar you’re eyeing should not be a big deal. However, you can’t ignore that she’s a decade or two older than you. The best trick is to embrace the age gap. At some point, she may want to know why you’re leaving young girls out there to date older women. Here, you can mention you love older women since they are mature, understanding, and their experience in life can teach you a few things. This way, she will know you appreciate and respect the age gap.

If she has kids, embrace them too. The easiest way to get into an older woman’s heart is by loving her children; they mean the world to her. Always ask how the kids are doing and see the smile on her face.

2.   Communication Is Key

Almost all relationships are anchored on communication. If you don’t know how to communicate with your partner, you will face serious challenges in your marriage or relationship. Cougar dating is quite complex, especially if you’re a young man. You may not know what to say, but you can always learn that with time. Avoid the cheesy pickup lines that excite young ladies. Go for general conversations within the first few weeks before and after a date.

Moreover, learn to move the conversation from general to sexy without disrespecting her. During sex, keep communicating with her. At this point, you can talk dirty and give instructions in the heat moment while looking into her eyes.

3.   Work On Your Stamina

Once you have decided to date a cougar, get prepared psychologically. Older women love sex and are good at it. Forget about the young girls who are always moody and dull in bed. A cougar takes you on a sex adventure you have never experienced before; she is good at giving head, riding and will expose you to fancier sex styles. Your strong stamina will be crucial if you’re dating a cougar. She doesn’t get satisfied with a few rounds or 5-minutes of sex. The longer you can last, the better. You can learn more tips on erecting for long and delaying ejaculation.

Furthermore, go for workouts and watch your diet to boost your stamina. Good sex will make it easy for you to keep a cougar.

4.   Be Sexually Adventurous

Older women are experienced in bed and will take you on an exciting sex adventure. Some might be new to you but be open to learning new tricks. She doesn’t expect you to be boring, show the skills you got too. In addition, cougars love new sex experiences; they don’t always do it in bed. Try it on the floor carpet, balcony, sofa, or even quickies in the kitchen or bathroom. While cleaning or preparing meals in the kitchen, grab her from the back and hold her nicely; a deep kiss at this point hits differently.

Also, plan for sex vacations so you get to try out something new from time to time. This will keep your relationship enjoyable. Sex is always as good as where you do it from. Propose the best holiday destinations where you can go and have more fun!

5.   Cougars Want a Mature Men

Regardless of the age gap, she is always looking for a mature man. It’s good to note that maturity has nothing to do with your age. Just be a reasonable man and avoid drama. There is a high possibility that the cougar you are counting has been in a toxic relationship or marriage before. Please don’t take her back to those dark days; she will dump you.

If you have any issues with the relationship, don’t be too quick to judge; have a sit-down and find solutions amicably. Cougars are classy women who love to be treated with respect and decorum.

Bonus Tip: Take Things Slowly

Cougars don’t like to be rushed. She is already under pressure to deliver at the workplace, raise kids and take care of other businesses. Thus, don’t expect her to accept your advances instantly. Just tell her what you want and be patient. However, sometimes you might meet some cougars who urgently need good sex and fall for you instantly.

After a good time, you still have to wait for her decision on whether you can move forward with the relationship. Some older ladies may allow friends-with-benefits dating arrangements, which is still okay.

Final Thoughts

Cougars are easy to live with, considering they are mature and not dramatic. They also understand their role in keeping a man. However, these women know what they want. So, don’t treat them like the young girls in their early 20s who are still confused. With the cougar dating tips reviewed above, you can confidently approach any older lady you’re attracted to.

Finally, if you still need help finding cougars, don’t worry. Download the Courgaly dating app, set up your account, personalize the profile and start browsing. This cougar dating site has an automated matching system to suggest cougar profiles based on your dating preferences.