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10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Cougar

Most young men are attracted to older women but rarely approach them for fear of being persecuted by friends, family, and society. However, cougar dating is a life-changing experience. You get to learn a lot both in and outside the bed. Cougars are not nagging like your early 20s girlfriends. Moreover, older women are mature and have succeeded in business or career life. Dating them is an opportunity to better yourself.

Cougar dating is more of a physical relationship with no emotional attachments. Don’t just stick to young girls who will keep on stressing you. It’s time you get a cougar to enjoy the other side of a dating life.

What Are The Benefits Of Dating A Cougar?

Although every relationship has downsides and advantages, the cougar dating experience is unique and amazing. Here is why every man should date a cougar;

1.   Cougars Are Financially Stable

Cougars are independent women who don’t depend on anyone for financial support. Dating one gives you peace of mind. She doesn’t expect you to take her to expensive dinner dates, buy her gifts or support her financially. All she needs from you is good company and your hard dick. Cougars are past that stage, unlike your young girlfriend, who is all over you for financial help and setting unreasonable standards. Sometimes she may even be helping you pay some bills.

2.   You Get Access To Her Rich Network

If you care about being successful in life, then you must consider dating a cougar. These older women are already successful and have a network of wealthy people who can help you grow. Besides, she has already told her friends about you, so you don’t have to shy away. The cougar network of friends and clients can provide significant economic opportunities to grow your business or career.

Every time she introduces you to a friend, that’s someone who is already doing well in life, either in business or has a good job. A cougar can completely change your life if you play your cards well.

3.   Enjoy Raw Sex Without Pregnancy Fears

Dating young girls can deny you the raw sex experience. You will always be afraid of impregnating her and finding yourself in an awkward situation at a young age. However, cougars are past that stage. So, you enjoy raw sex without worrying about pulling out or using protection. Cougar dating allows you to enjoy sex at any time with no restrictions. It’s full-blown fun! 


4.   She Is Clear On What She Wants

If you have dated young ladies before, you know how they’re nagging and complicated as they don’t know what they want. You will need help guessing what she wants and what you can do to keep her happy. With cougars, everything is clear from the word go. Older women have no time to waste. She will tell you what she wants and that will be it. Besides, an older woman has no unreasonable demands; she wants you!

5.   She Is A Mature Lady No Dramas

Cougars have already gone through a lot in their past marriages and relationships. She is experienced in matters of dating, so there is no guesswork. You will not have to deal with jealousy or misunderstandings every time. In case of anything, she will always look for a way to handle things amicably. In addition, an older lady will be open to serious conversations; she will not hide anything from you.


6.   No Pressure When Dating An Older Lady

The best part of dating a cougar is the freedom you get. No one is putting you under pressure to get kids or money. She can take care of her bills and buy herself that dress, car, smartphone, or anything else she wants. It only takes your energy in bed and your personality to make her happy. With young girls, she will be all over you requesting money, gifts, or even demanding you pay for some of her bills.

Cougar dating will save you from all that nonsense that comes with courting young ladies.

7.   They Are Beautiful

Most of the cougars you come across are very beautiful and sexy, even more than the young girls you have been chasing for months or years. Cougars are classy and wealthy women. It just feels good dating one. She has money to take care of her body; she goes for skin treatment routines, workouts and eats healthily. Furthermore, she understands her job in and out of bed. When you start dating one, you won’t even think of that young lady who is busy ignoring your calls or texts.

8.   She Won’t Waste Your Time Or Play Games

Cougars have no time to waste and won’t waste yours, either. An older woman will be open about what she wants, and if she’s not interested in dating you, she will tell you in time. Unlike young ladies who keep you guessing, a cougar will speak out if she loves you. Again, if she decides to date you, no games. She will focus on making the relationship work and play her part. But she will also expect the same from you.

9.   She’s Experienced In Life And A Good Teacher

Cougar’s life experiences can help you in many ways. You have a lot to learn from her. If she’s into business, that will be a good opportunity for you to grow your entrepreneurial skills. She will expose you to professional life, welcome you to her network of successful people, and even guide you in making the right financial decisions.

10.  She Understands “Me Time”

Cougar dating is exciting and refreshing. You’re dating a busy woman who will free you to mingle with your friends or even do your things in peace. She will not be all over you with chats or calls. You only meet when it’s important and plan for it. No ambushes, and she doesn’t want you to always be around her.

Final Thought

Cougar dating will save you from the dramas you experience with young girls. These women will change your life in many ways. A cougar will even help you find opportunities to make money. Instead of struggling with young girls with no worthwhile network, why not try out a cougar that will open many doors for you?

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